PAKKINS' LAND: Volume 3 of 5 by Gary Shipman

PAKKINS' LAND: Volume 3 of 5 by Gary Shipman
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When Paul finds himself in the strange and fantastic world called "Pakkins' Land", he meets a mysterious Eagle of light, who gives him a feather that holds great power. But after an attack by a Dark-Flyer, Paul is plunged into a watery grave, and the feather of power is lost.

Paul's friends, Gus, Brambles, and Shani, with a small group of extraordinary talking animals, will stop at nothing to recover the boy to safety.  Meanwhile, has the human stranger, Sedek, managed to escape from his cell in the evil Rahshah's dungeon, only to be caught and locked away again? The adventure continues in the ALL AGES story of Pakkins' Land!

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