HONORABLE INFLUENCE by David Hagenbuch (Kindle/mobi)

HONORABLE INFLUENCE by David Hagenbuch (Kindle/mobi)
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Few things impact our lives more than marketing, yet few people consider how that influence can be a force for good.

Honorable Influence shines the light of Christian faith on the field, revealing how marketers can avoid negative impact, and instead influence consumers to their benefit.

Individuals and organizations will find in Honorable Influence practical guidance for doing what seems impossible to many—using marketing to show love to God and others.

 “In Honorable Influence, David Hagenbuch provides a valuable ‘How To’ guide for applying the key tenets of Christianity to make the honorable practice of marketing even more honorable.”

— Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus, DDB Worldwide

“David provides the tools for Christian marketers to thrive as salt and light in this business field, equipping us to seek common ground with colleagues even in a very ethically-diverse society.”

— Tonya Neff Klause, Communications Director, Microsoft Corporation

Dr. David Hagenbuch is a Professor of Marketing at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA, and the founder of www.MindfulMarketing.org, which aims to encourage ethical marketing.  He has worked as a corporate sales analyst for Crawford Broadcasting, a national Christian radio network, and as a partner in John-David Advertising, a specialty advertising firm.  His writing has been published on Entrepreneur.com, CommPro.biz, and Forbes.com, and his views shared in US News & World Report, Christian Science Monitor, and The Boston Globe


Kindle, BW, 194 Pages

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