CATCH YOUR BREATH! by Barry Callen (Kindle/Mobi)

CATCH YOUR BREATH! by Barry Callen (Kindle/Mobi)
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There is no question that people today are gasping for air. They are spiritually hungry, starved for the oxygen of some good and truly lifegiving spirit. A good understanding of biblical principles can fill what is empty and bring life where there is only death. We need to catch our breath - God's breath! CATCH YOUR BREATH! Exhaling Death & Inhaling Life is a clear presentation of the biblical call for holiness in our time. It examines the balance between the holy life offered by God's grace and the intentional disciplines required of the believer. 

"Here is a wonderful balance of contemporary relevance and appeal to the best wisdom of the ages and sages. Creative and fresh thinking makes the old of current significance and the new enjoy deep biblical roots. These are great combinations!"

—Kevin Mannoia, President of the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium


Barry L. Callen is the author of 43 books, including the acclaimed Authentic Spirituality, and has served as the longtime editor of the Wesleyan Theological Journal. An ordained Christian minister, he is also the Dean and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anderson University, and works as Corporate Secretary of Horizon International and Editor of Aldersgate Press.


Kindle, BW, 212 Pages

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